Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I know I know....
has it really been almost a year and a half since I posted? Well needless to say a lot has gone on in that time, so instead of trying to catch you all up I am going to just start fresh. Sound good?
Well for starters for those of you that don't know, we are expecting baby #4. I am just about 5 months along. No, we don't know what we are having. This kid just won't cooperate. I have my Dr appt tomorrow so hopefully I will have some news to share. We are really excited. The family is split on what we think this baby will be. Allan, pax and ky are team girl. Wyatt and I think that it will be a boy. We will see.
In other news, Allan and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary. It has been a wonderful decade. I am so lucky to have such a great husband.
I know this is quick, but I will update again soon with pictures

Sunday, July 18, 2010

I swear God created bear lake just for me...

Have i mentioned before how much i love bear lake. it is one of my favorite places ever. i love to take long camping trips there or even just a day trip...which is what this time was.
here is ky soakin' up some sun, water and most definately sand. i swear bear lake sand has a way of wiggling into every nook and cranny. we have been finding sand everywhere, for days now!
i think that i am teaching my kids to have a love for this wonderful place too.
wyatt and my mom have such a special bond. if "waha" (that is what wyatt calls my mom) is around then wyatt is glued to her. she loves all the attention he gives her though.
wyatt was so proud of the sand castle that he and waha made "all by themselves". bear lake isn't the same without the building of a castle.
Can't wait to go back in August. it will be fun. paxton wasn't at this trip because he was still at the cabin with grandma Jenny...shhh don't tell him we went, he will be awfully sad!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Awwwe, FRESH air....

Allans family has a cabin down in the Cedar Breaks area. it is so much fun. it had been a few years since me and my kiddos have been able to go. so this year we packed our bags and left all our cares and worries at home, and journeyed to "the Cabin".
it was such great weather. i can remember being up here and being so freaking HOT. this year was still warm, but not unbearable, plus there was a nice breeze.
here is me, ky and dub. (pax was on the water hike with all the big kids). we went on a nice hike up and aroung the cabin. it was a gentle

hike that even the smallest kids can do. we saw birds (even a couple of hawks), butterflies, chipmunks, and a very quick deer.

its never a hike at the cabin if you don't take a picture on the "huge rock". i think i have a picture on this rock from every year at the cabin.

Not only is there hiking, but the most enjoyable thing for the kids is catching all the critters they can. they have all learned where the prime spots are for catching snakes, lizards and frogs.

i didn't think that my boys would love doing this, but boy was i wrong!!! they would come back up the cabin 4 or 5 times a day covered in mud. finally i had to tell them they couldn't change their clothes anymore that day for fear that we were going to run out of clean ones before the week was done!

isn't this beautiful???

t-dogg, p-rad, and g-money showing off there "huge" snakes they caught the first couple of days there.
pax really wanted to keep his and bring it home as his pet, but i said no way! we made a deal that he could keep it as his pet the whole time we were at the cabin.

wyatt was getting in there with the rest of them. he didn't catch any snakes (he held them though), but he was so good at catching frogs...in fact he caught the biggest one!
i just had to keep reminding him to not squeeze it too much...i don't think he listened to me this time. poor little frog! i can tell you though that it did survive the taking of this picture!

by the last day we were there ky started to get brave. here she is holding here very own snake. i was so proud. i didn't think there
was anyway she would hold one. goes to show what moms know huh?!

overall, we had a great trip, the kids loved it, i loved it (especially the late night games we adults played after the kids were in bed), and we are for sure going to go again next summer!

because we are proud....
....to be an American!
i love love love the 4th of july. it is one of my favorite holidays. i love getting into the huge crowds of parades, firework and carnivals. what could be more american then that!
this year was especially fun because my sister and brother in law along with their two boys, came into town to spend the festivites with us.
here are the boys enjoying the clearfield city parade. we always go to either clearfields or riverdales parade because my dad was a firefighter for both cities for a lot of years!

surprisingly enough, the weather was a bit chilly. i have never known a parade show that we had to wear jackets, but little ky was "breezing". my sister steph was sure enjoying the cool weather though...although she is 8 months pregnant, so any amount of cool air is appreciated!
this is my sister and brother in law. they are so much fun. we had a great vistit with them. i was sure wishin' that they could have stayed longer though. it has been a year since we have seen them and one week just wasn't enough!
From Baby to BIG girl....
Ky is now 3. Man the time has gone by! one minute she wanted a binky and a sipper cup, and now she wants baby dolls and dress-ups. it just gets more and more fun with her...although it gets more and more dramatic as well. she is a fun girl and i love her so much, wouldn't trade a thing!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

PreSchool Graduation and last day of school!
here is wyatt at his graduation. it was so much fun. he had a really fun year and met so many new friends that he will go on to kindergarten with. i can't believe that he is going to be in elementary! wow!!!
here is paxton and some of his friends @ field day. it was a fun filled day with relay races, chalk art, dancing and laughing. paxton loved first grade, he was sad to say goodbye to his friends...but especially his teacher. she was wonderful!
Aaron, paxton, kyler and luke

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gotta love a good party!
i love any reason to celebrate, and this was the perfect reason to do just that...my mom's birthday. my grandma had the great idea to have everyone get together and go to a play for my mom's day, but you can't go out without dinner right??? el madador here we come!

hello kitty never looked so good!

my sweet little ky loves her big girl panties. i think she was just a little confused on HOW exactly to wear them. don't worry though, we got her all straightened out. and the best part is...she is 100% potty trained, even at night. i am thrilled. she was by far the easiest of my three kids! girls rock!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my sweet dubby is 5!i can't believe that he is five...really? where has the time gone. at four was still my little boy, but at five he is now a big kid who will be starting school this fall. i am starting to feel like i need to reminisce about all his cute, fun things he used to say and do. please tell me that the year of five is going to be fun and cute too!
we had a really good time today with all of wyatt's celebrations. he had is first "friend" party. it was so cute. he wanted to go bowling. so up to weber state we went. can i just tell you what a deal it was...if you go on a week day between 3-5 it is happy hour and each game is only a $1.90 and then $1 to rent shoes. but if your kids are 9 and under the shoes are free. what a steal. it was so fun and the kids loved it. it was an easy enough party that he might be able to talk me into doing another one next year.
i love dubby so much and am so grateful he is in my family. my life just wouldn't be complete without him. Happy birthday, Wyatt!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I need your help....
i am in need of your yummy, mouth watering, delicious, tasty, savory recipes.
i am making a recipe binder for my cute sister in law that just got married in november. i have all my favorites that i have added and am lacking in the size of binder i would like to give.
so i am giving a shout out to all of you chefs out there to share one of your fav's with me.
just leave your recipe in my comments or you can email me at


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